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The Wild Wood Tarot Cards A 78 Deck Oracle English Visions Divination

The Wild Wood Tarot Cards A 78 Deck Oracle English Visions Divination

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🔮🌟 Unlock the magic of Tarot with our captivating Tarot cards! Explore the power of divination and self-discovery. 🃏✨

🗒️ The Guidebook:
Each Tarot deck from Witchy and Wild comes with a special feature—a QR code! Some of our Tarot decks include paper instructions. When you receive your deck, check if there's a manual QR code on the box or cards. If you find one, simply scan it to access the instructions. If not, fear not! You have the opportunity to connect with the cards on a personal level and interpret their meanings in your own unique way. Trust your intuition! 📲🔍

🕯️ Guide Light:
1️⃣ Our guidebook is designed to be a helpful companion, but please remember that it serves as a guide and may not always provide precise answers. Tarot readings are deeply personal and subjective experiences, influenced by your energy and circumstances.

2️⃣ Once you've grasped the basics, we encourage you to rely less on the guidebook and embrace your own intuitive development. Trust in your inner wisdom and allow your connection with the cards to flourish. This independent exploration will foster rapid personal growth and a deeper understanding of the Tarot. 🌠💫

🌱 The Growth Path and Hierarchy of Store Managers:
Embark on a journey of growth and mastery as a Tarot reader and store manager with Witchy and Wild. Our hierarchy recognizes different levels of expertise:

🌟 Level 1: Trust your feelings and intuition, surpassing 60% of Tarot Masters. Avoid mechanical applications and instead blend your own perspective and the situation at hand.

🌟 Level 2: Combine your instincts with personal understanding, surpassing 80% of Tarot Masters. Gain unique insights into the cards, patterns, elements, and customers. At this level, you'll find the guidebook a delightful addition.

🌟 Level 3: Develop your own card-solving system. Read any Tarot card in seconds and be driven by your unique approach, surpassing 95% of Tarot Masters. Those at this level no longer rely on instructions.

🌟 Level 4: Achieve unity between yourself and the cards, surpassing 99.9% of Tarot Masters. No longer bound by drawing cards, you harmonize effortlessly with both the querent and the cards themselves.

🛍️🔮 Embrace the mystical journey of Tarot, discover your inner wisdom, and unlock the secrets of the universe with our Tarot cards. Begin your transformational adventure today! 🌙✨

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